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The 5 brothers reminded me so much of arthur and his knights, each with their own particular set of skills and faults, which i loved. Fascinating religious angle. Characters i wish i knew more about -rare. And then you have them in such a diverse world where we see through only a small aperture of whats actually going on.

A pleasure. Always a pleasure to get so frustrated i dont know why things are happening, i.

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Loved the sophisticated structure of this book, each working part making the whole even greater. Hope the second one is as good. What you be your preferred channel of choice for fans looking to purchase tower lord? Any and all formats and channels are fine with me, Kelvin.

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Dear Anthony, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your work is amazing! Keep it up! The wait for Tower Lord is agonizing! Hi Zoe, Thanks for the kind words. The Greek rights have been bought, no info on a release date yet though. Best, Anthony. I just want to say what an absolutely gripping and enthralling read Blood Song was. It was without a doubt one of the best books I have read in a long, long time, and is very much up there with the greats.

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Thanks for the incredible journey — and good luck seeing Vaelin through some tough times for another incredible novel! I have pre-ordered Tower Lord and cant wait to read it. Keep it up sir! Good luck with the release. What is that ending to tower lord!!!!!! Ryan, you rock! Not only are you a fantastic writer, but the underlying themes regarding religion, faith, friendship, humanity, etc etc really hit home for me, and wanted to thank you for that. Im interested in what motivated you to weave in such a strong tone on faith and religion. Do you have, or is there perchance in the works, some type of blog or forum where you can communicate with your fans on your work to date?

Hi Mr. Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books, and I hope to read more of your writings in the future! I hope that tells you just how much I love your books. Hi Mr Ryan, I have just finished reading Tower lord another awesome book! When is the next one out?

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Thanks for the kind words, Anthony. Thanks Angel. Glad you liked the books. I totally LOVE your books. I just hate waiting for the next one to come out! But 1 year is not that bad. Thanks for writing and not keeping us waiting too long! Thanks Debbie. So I am late to that party but I got here…..

I read the first book very slowly savouring each chapter and paragraph sometime putting it down because I knew if I kept reading it I would get it finished and then it would be over. Book 2 was worse if that was at all possible as there was a natural place to put it down as we changed between the characters and here I was trying to wring out the story for as long as possible. But here I am now joining the ranks of those waiting for book three and praying to the Dark that you dont get distracted and the song keeps singing for you. Dear Anthony, what a nice read!

Blood Song was great. And this you did extraordinary. Nevertheless Tower Lord somehow changed from the story of a boy to the destiny of a realm and if I guess correctly I am in the last quarter of it to the destiny of the world. The introduction of different characters POV surprised me first, somehow a change in your style of writing. BUT the vivid and interesting new characters made up for it. Thanks for the work. I know before I even say this that its to soon to ask but man I just have to ask. When is BOOK 3 coming out. I have in a week finished the first two without realizing that the second one just came out and now find myself almost like an addict for the next one.

Into The Shadows (The Shadows Trilogy #1) by ClareMarie

The books as a whole are great man well done and always keep you guessing. They have just enough detail and plot to allow you to fall in love with the story with out getting bored or confused. Battles and the side stories are what keep me so animated about this book series.


I just finished Blood Song. In a day. That was a mistake. Because now I just know I will finished Tower Lord only slightly slower than that and then there is no book three yet?! No book three! What do I do with myself? Glad you liked it. Less than 12 months to wait for book 3. Hope you like Tower Lord. How did you come up with Blood song and Tower Lord? Loved them and will always read them constantly.

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I showed it to all my friends and they loved it to. Thank you so much for writing these books. How do you do it? I wrote an article for Upcoming4me. Thanks so much for all the hard work on Blood Song and Tower Lord. Thanks Marc, much appreciated.

Have fun on the Slab. Hope to publish the final story in the new year.

I am an older reader but fairly new to reading fantasy. My adult son introduced me to fantasy almost 4 years ago just a week before Christmas.

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I was in the hospital coronary care recovering from a near fatal heart attack and I asked my son to bring me something to read that would help take my mind off my ills and to help pass the time. He brought me a book by Jim Butcher. It hooked me on fantasy and with a voracious appetite for the genre I have been reading on average books a week since then.

I have a lot of catching up to do! He recommended we read Blood Song while waiting for his next Ryria books and I remembered I had it on my reader. I am sorry it took me so long to finally read it!