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This is something one comes to realize as an adult; simply talking about issues or social problems are nary an answer to tangible change. How do we recognize that we are capable as humans of directing the energy that flows through society, how do we find importance in… View more. We apologize for any inconvenience. Understanding our children is fundamental to supporting them and parenting effectively.

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There can be unique challenges and nuances involved in parenting gifted children. Their parents often express feeling isolated and… View more. Following a long stint covering war in Baghdad in , he returned stateside suffering symptoms he did not… View more. This is one resolution you can actually keep.

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Stop by either the Downtown or Ladd Library during the month of January and pick up library punch card. Each card has six tasks; one for each of the first six… View more. I picture myself at age eight, in a stiff wooden church pew, the family in a row starting with my slumped over father at the aisle, and ending with myself daydreaming.

The Immortal Nicholas is a novel by television host and political commentator Glenn Beck. It is a fable that aims at retelling the Santa Claus story in a way that guides people away from the commercial Kris Kringle and toward the spirituality and altruism of the man, Saint Nicholas. The main character is a simple… View more. We thought this was a really wonderful idea, and while our library system is exponentially smaller than… View more.

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It was on the Billboard charts for fourteen consecutive years after that date. The LP holds the record as the longest time spent on the charts. According to Billboard, the album still sells an estimated , copies a week and it… View more. The Cedar Rapids Public Library is thrilled to offer a new four-week program designed to introduce kids ages years of age and their adults to early coding skills based on the book Hello Ruby.

Hello Ruby is a book designed to be a whimsical way to learn about technology, computing and coding. The four-week… View more. One of the mystery series that I have looked forward to reading is the Max Tudor Mystery series by G. It is always interesting to see how she ties in seemingly unrelated story threads at the end. Max Tudor is a handsome… View more. While the rest of us chatted, he continued to read, and to chuckle… View more. In anticipation of this, I am reading books written by people who have embarked on a one-year challenge and recorded their experience.

As consistency is not my strong suit — I am neither… View more. Growing up in Germany, I was unfamiliar with pie until I came to the U. Germany embraces sweets and desserts, boasts bakeries and confectionary shops, is home to many different cakes and cookies, tarts and tortes. But PIE is not to be found. Upon my move across the Atlantic I was quickly intrigued by the… View more.

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Remember the nineties? Since I sit in on the meetings of this group, I also read it. My expectations were similar to other books on customer service: good ideas, but pretty dry reading…. Daisy Dalrymple is an independent woman who earns her living as a freelance writer. Times are hard in the s. Over , young men have been killed in the war with many others wounded in body and mind. As she takes on her freelance writing assignments around the country, she stumbles upon murder. This leads… View more. I always wanted to be a rocker chick. I can still see the ones I knew in my youth, the black bottomed tennis shoes, feathered hair, and jean jackets loaded with patches from various shows.

Joan Jett seemed like she had the world figured out, and Lita Ford looked like she could tear your head… View more.

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Developing language and literacy skills starts at birth. But, if your goal is to make memories all over the world, why not start thinking about your next trip? We have your standard scary movie fare — the Friday the 13th series, the Halloween movies, the Scream tetralogy. All excellent choices. On Tuesday, November 3, , voters will be asked to vote on a special 27 cent levy to provide funding for the Cedar Rapids Public Library. The Library Board of Trustees determined that the library needed to find a sustainable source of funding to maintain service at current levels.

While the demand for library services… View more.

It surprised me too. I have always loved mysteries, especially series mysteries.

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Dorothy is an older woman, a retired teacher married… View more. Children aged 6 months to 6 years can receive FREE hearing, vision, dental and developmental health screenings on Tuesday, October 27, from 10 am to 2 pm. There will also be community resources available to provide information about health, insurance and nutrition programs. All families are invited to join us. It is only the Mount Everest of writing experiences. The Ironman of novel construction. The Iditarod for aspiring authors. If you hope to one day be a writer, it is something you must attempt at least once… View more.

Todd has much to say. He will tell you about his lovely mother, long gone now, who… View more. Many of my favorite books are stories of transformation. They are about people who begin a journey one way and emerge at the end completely altered. Through tests and trials, hardships and happy coincidences, they discover their true selves and a new way of living. The story of the Beekman Boys is just such a… View more.

The woman who has settled into marriage, kids, and finds herself uninteresting. When my husband was in the Army and deployed to Iraq it was in the faces of the young women left behind. For a woman in her… View more. You may know Kate White as the wildly successful editor-and-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. In , at the top of her game, White passed the torch having increased monthly circulation by , readers and reached a pinnacle of over three million… View more.

Your Scholastic book order has arrived. If you were a young scholar, post, chances are you received a Scholastic order form at school each month.