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Joe White , Nicholas Comninellis. New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.

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He quickly gathered a petition of 28 names from within the members on the benches that day who were in favor of Darwin being placed in the Abbey. At the same time, Rev. Charles Pritchard was persuaded to write a letter to a conservative national newspaper advocating that Darwin not be buried in some obscure churchyard but in the national shrine where thousands could pay their respects.

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It was by such back-room efforts that arrangements were completed in a very short time, and the funeral took place exactly one week later at noon on Wednesday, April There were ten pall bearers, four of whom were combined members of the X-Club and the Athenaum Club; the others were sons of the family and rather strangely, the Duke of Argyle who was an active creationist.

The casket was finally lowered into its sandy grave beneath one of the flagstones in the north aisle of the Abbey and next to Sir Isaac Newton. There is an interesting little sequel to this account which became focused only in recent years when the authorities began to charge admission to the Abbey.

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It is precisely at this location that there is an ornamental iron choir screen that divides the aisle; this screen has a gate and a ticket booth stands just inside the gate. In Numbers we read: Whoever in the field touches one who is slain by a sword or who has died, or a bone of a man, or a grave, shall be unclean seven days.

That enemy has not only destroyed the faith of thousands from his grave but according to Scripture, renders spiritually unclean even those who pay respects to his grave. Moore, James. The Darwin Legend. Grand Rapids, MI. Baker Books. The Demise of Charles Darwin.