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The conjunction of complexity and post-structuralism inscribes a critical-emancipatory impetus into the complexity approach that is missing from other theories of complexity.

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We therefore argue for the importance of critical complexity against reductionist or restricted understandings of complexity. In this paper we introduce a new generation of sensemaking tools that are able to imprint organizational values, qualities, and skills, assess their compatibility with the corporate vision or their adequacy for a specific change and depict organizational archetypes. The main advantage of these tools derives from their ability to deliver reliable, tangible and contextual information on intangible assets and ambiguous issues.

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For this, they use archetypal models to structure their content, complex emergent methods to collect data, common logic rules to assess them and geometric templates to visualize the results. This combination permits easy contextualization of the content, authentic and real life representing data, removal of biases, as well as meaningful and comparable deliverables.

The experience from the development and implementation of such a relevant tool shows that a structured approach to emergence and self-organization is feasible and fruitful. This opens new perspectives for the objectivity, wider acceptance and transferability of findings in qualitative research and the creation of effective diagnostic tools to be used especially in complex and transitional contexts. The aim of this paper is to provide a natural framework for the management of manufacturing change.

Bridging the levels of complexity

The framework is designed, firstly, by describing the characteristics of dissipative structures. This is expanded upon by presenting the essentials of complex systems in way of evolution. Darwinian evolution and change is then discussed from a perspective of complex systems. The classification instruments of change are explained in terms of the complex system and evolutionary perspectives. Then the application of the classification instruments are demonstrated through a case of discrete manufacturing systems.

The aim of this paper is to provide insights into, and perspectives on, the transformation of mindsets for logisticians.


We argue that by exploring paradoxes inherent in the efficiency-focused paradigm of today, a strategic mindset can emerge in which central logistics management issues can be addressed, understood, and dealt with in order to enhance supply chain effectiveness and innovation. Based on a complexity theoretical perspective the paper challenges assumptions inherit in the logistics discipline which is argued to be needed in order to deal with contemporary logistics issues such as sustainable development.

Four propositions for further research and practise have been suggested, each highlighting the required insights and understanding necessary for logisticians to make their mindset more strategically oriented i. We believe that cities are important for humans as essential forms of social organisation in contemporary human life.

Emergence Theory: A Layperson's Guide

Therefore we must work to ensure their future, hence the emerging importance of the concept of resilience. But how do we ensure the future of cities? Current slow, de-centralised and business-as-usual urban development is problematic.

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Instead, a planned approach to urban development is necessary, but how do we plan for cities to be resilient? Planning must inevitably rest on an understanding of how a city functions, and this leads us to thinking of developing mental or computational models of cities. In this paper we explore a number of mental models of cities, which could form the basis for directed urban planning. We identify three types of urban models, urban-state models, urban-learning models, and urban-systems models. In February , it was announced that Allison Tolman and Alexa Skye Swinton had been cast in the pilot's lead roles.

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On May 14, , ABC released the first official trailer for the series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Emergence Genre Mystery-thriller Drama. Zabryna Guevara. Retrieved May 17, Deadline Hollywood.

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