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In addition to a good multi-vitamin, I started taking magnesium malate, probiotics, glucosamine, digestive enzymes, ginkgo biloba, and antioxidants as well as various supplements to help me sleep.

Empirical Studies

She had been well for about three years. Her program was simple: drink plenty of filtered water; avoid MSG, white flour, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, coffee, carbonated beverages, alcohol, and tobacco smoke; take nutritional supplements; and do stretching exercises every day. These were things I was mostly doing already. I found an alternative physician who tested for yeast.

I did have a yeast overgrowth and I was also sensitive to several foods, and chemicals such as those found in perfumes, common household cleaning products, pesticides, etc.

Within a few weeks after starting treatment for the yeast infection, along with avoiding the offending foods and chemicals, I was pain free for the first time in years! Adhering to these self-help techniques has been as important to my recovery as anything that even the best doctors did for me.

I don't believe either would have worked without the other. The support group soon grew into one of the largest support groups in the U.

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I have been well since December It is not known what triggered this cluster of CFS cases; however, there have been similar outbreaks documented over the years in other parts of the country and abroad. Bell conducted a year follow-up study of the 46 children and adolescents he had seen between and , which was published in the Journal of Pediatrics Of the 35 who responded:.

Fibromyalgia: management strategies for primary care providers

Interestingly, despite these seemingly positive outcomes, more specific questions about symptoms and activity limitations revealed otherwise. The results on this measure indicated that the majority of participants were still struggling with significant symptoms. Bell pointed out that recovery in CFS might be more appropriately defined as the adaptation to a disease state, rather than the absence of a disease state. How else do you think movie stars manage to learn such amazing skills?

Recovery from the illness is probably going to be the most amazing achievement of your life. But you do need to be persistent and have a plan! There are no guarantees of course, the illness is complex and sometimes other physical strategies also need to be fine-tuned. I was diagnosed with fibro 2yrs ago, but I have SO many other cdtns too. All my cdtns are symptoms of EDS and fibro is a linked cdtn.

I will definitely read more of your blogs,very interesting reading.

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Thanks for your positive feedback Vicki. The explanation videos are short and to the point, so you might like to check them out. I felt it answers some key questions, hopefully you will agree. Easier said than done!

How should fibromyalgia be diagnosed?

I know you point this out, but the concentration and determination needed are difficult and why we fail. Its an excellent and valid point Rosemary. I remember when I started my recovery, all the mental techniques including meditation were a complete disaster for me.

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I hope that when I finally finish my video series that it will make things a bit easier for you all. Dan — I love this article, really inspirational. I am getting there, but keep having some new symptoms flare up, as well as older ones. Hi Jesse, glad to hear of your progress.

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When we fall back, get straight back on. Keep at it! Thank you!!! It was interesting to learn about stress and the many abnormal adaptions the body makes when coping with it- one of which was CFS! Thank you for this article, Dan, food for thought. It is confusing thou as to how to balance different aspects.

Sometimes I think I get this and then I get confused and feel that I am fooling myself. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome around My sister has it and so did our Mother. Our mother also had Lupus erytheatosus i think that is the correct one and Sjogrens Syndrome. I have also had back and neck problems for many years disc I guess according to my mother, I have a high tolerance for pain that I inherited from my father. You are an awsome warrior!

FIBROMYALGIA: Road to Recovery Volume 3

I have a very hard time with guilt and other negative feelings about myself also. I try and try to tell myself that there is remission for physical and emotional symptoms of my illness. I try to tell myself that i am strong, NOT pathetic. Thanks for posting this.

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Seems daunting thinking that people struggle for years with this. Not that I would wish it upon anyone. Theres questions I wonder where the answers might help. Thanks for your comment Jess — look — those strategies you are looking at might certainly help, but you have to go beyond symptom treatment to make a real lasting change.

Your insight into the root cause of the illness serves you well, but the stress is subconscious and you need to break that cycle.