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Words: 55, Published: October 25, Words: 14, What can be more maddening for a businessman, than to have his trusted accountant disappear with all the bank access codes? Well, discovering that he has eloped with the ghost of a prostitute surely makes it worse. The need to walk into a ghostly brothel doesn't put Dave off.

He even befriends one of the girls there and fun is had by all. Words: 16, When white mice plague a short-tempered mobster, he hires Dave Callaghan to find out where they are coming from. The mobster wants to know why the mice wake him up in the middle of the night to recite "Mary had a little lamb" to him.

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Dave is used to dealing with ghosts of every description, but this time he is facing a complex conspiracy that involves the government and a lascivious ghost. Dave Callaghan is used to having ghosts drop by uninvited at all hours. But this time he is in for a new experience, and you must get ready for a good laugh!

Being murdered is distressing. But the annoyance may be alleviated, at least a bit, if you can find out who murdered you and get even with him. To that end, you need the help of a paranormal detective like Dave Callaghan.

Dave is not pleased to find a presumed dead mobster drinking scotch in his armchair. But the worse is yet to come, when Dave's girlfriend gets involved. Words: 15, Published: October 20, Following Hitler's rise to power, the Blumenthal family were caught in the nightmare that was Nazi Germany.

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