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Beatrice for one - yoga - listening to my body -practicing calligraphy- writing Hebrew alphabet - I have a "Camino poster" I made at my office to color when I feel I have made progress - preparing physically, spiritually and mentally. Buen Camino! Thank you nreyn I will certainly look for these suggestions.

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JabbaPapa "True Pilgrim". Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Part Primitivo Oct Portugues from Porto June Tia Valeria said:. Helen Burns New Member. Hullo Dax, what a beautiful thread you have started. I walked in and when I think back to all of my preparations, physical, spiritual and otherwise, nothing really primed me as powerfully as the simple act of placing one foot in front of the other again and again. Somehow the very act of walking washed through me, rinsed my mind, tumbled it at times. There were days when i didn't sing at all. The days, the Way - they took care of everything.

All that was needed was to be present. To take solitude as a gift and to be grateful. I think a wonderful pilgrimage awaits you. Thank you so much for these great insights I wish to prepare myself mentally and spiritually so that i can try to be in each moment focussing on the experience of camino Rather than looking at my feet and concentrating on my next step I wish to look up and experience everything, the sights, the sounds, the sky and the people. It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

What a blessing it will be! For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. TerryB Veteran Member. This, written soon after I completed my pilgrimage, reflects something of what I felt. If the modern pilgrim follows The itinerary and timing of his forbears He will find that often in his daily march, he Will arrive at a 'Capilla de Animas' or A small wayside shrine at twelve noon.

No clocks or watches then, Only the sun tells when it is midday The hour of the Angelus. But better still to pause; Be still and remember, That our incarnate Lord once walked The roads of Galilee. And still He walks with us On this our daily pilgrimage through life. May you know his presence on the Way Blessings Tio Tel. Thank you all for your wonderful advice ,I have just under a month ago, returned from the Camino a wonderful experience and I had begun to worry about losing that wonderful sense of peace and awareness of the present moment!

I wanted to go straight back again! Then reading your comments along with the useful books titles to read I can continue my Camino. PascaleD New Member. David said:.

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Lydia Gillen Active Member. F Pascale, There is a great shortage of priest in rural Spain It is not possible to participate at Mass every evening. Your best chance is to ask the elderly ladies in the village or town if there is Mass. It is usually at 8. Listen out for the church bells at about 7. If you cannot participate at Mass in a church you can still break bread and share with other pilgrims in the local restaurants and Jesus is present there too. Thank u Lydia, your post is actually very helpful, i am happy to know that despite the shortage of priests we can still hear church bells ;- i guess there is a shortage of priests everywhere, not only in Spain!

Which makes me think, i have several friend priests wanting to walk the camino, maybe i'll join one of them :-D. One thing I would add is to definitely keep some sort of a journal, as just the act of going back and reading it will help you to retain what you learned. One thing I have done since in college is to choose a theme for my journals sometimes--this focuses my thoughts upon what I am trying to learn, and it allows me to add quotes and pictures to illustrate.

Planning Your Camino: Preparing the Way

I am currently 38 days away from my Camino, and have just started a new journal with the theme of "gift" as I have come to realize that my ability to take this Camino is a great and beautiful gift that I have been given. I will likely choose another theme for my Camino proper, but as I reach the home stretch of preparation, all I can think is how incredibly blessed I am to be given this opportunity!!! There is a reason why my blog is named "perpetual peregrino" Blessings, Ruth.

Tumbleweed Active Member.

Step #1: Prepare Your Camino Packing List

What a great thread. Thank you all for the inspirational words and information. Tia, thank you for the "Forty Days", I have saved it to my desktop and will take it with me. How did you omit the pictures so it could be compressed down? I depart for my Camino Sept 1, my wall calendar is "Paths of God". Full of beautiful pictures and scripture. The months of September and October are perfect for the Camino. September: "Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace.

And God of love and peace will be with you. Buen Camino and God Bless everyone, Angela. Hola Angela. I think that I opened the file as 'text only' which automatically means it cannot load the jpg files. I use OpenOffice which can open pdf files, so if you cannot open it as text try opening with Open Office or similar and then 'save as' text.

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If all else fails then I suggest trying to contact the author and ask for a text file. Thank you for the insight about creating a journal.

How our God does provide. My Camino begins in late September and just today I was wondering what my spiritual practice would be for the Way. As often as I have visited the Forum I have never seen this thread until today. I guess God was waiting for me to be ready before pointing me in the direction of the wisdom you all have brought my way. Well, Dax, this is what I have decided to do as part of my preparation. I am composing my own prayer book culling the inspired words of Scripture, especially the Psalms.

I am looking through prayer books, especially Jewish prayer books as those folk really know how to praise God. I am including the words to hymns as I love to sing and get so frustrated when I begin a hymn and end up la-de-da-ing most of it because I forgot the words. I know many have strong feelings about carrying electronics on the Camino but I am loading up my iPhone with Taize songs - sometimes I need a soundtrack to keep my thoughts from wandering.

And lastly, I am searching for Scriptures to commit to memory as I go along the Way. This entire conversation has been such a blessing to me. I hope you will accept this benediction from me - I pray it over those whom I love. Go in Peace. Remember Whose Child you are. Know you are loved.

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Thank you dmantony for sharing your faith on the forum. Enjoy your walk,may you have lots of blessings from God on your Way - for not being scared to tell the world about your awesome God - a scripture i would love to give to you for your walk is: Ephesians - may it be an inspiration to you - Buen Camino and God bless - Johann Pretorius. Thank you from me too dmantony.