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Rarely when you procrastinate do you do nothing. I bet you get a lot of stuff done—just not the stuff you intended to do. We will always procrastinate, and so instead of learning how not to procrastinate, we should learn how to procrastinate well. One can imagine Leonardo procrastinating on his commissioned art pieces to spend his days dreaming up revolutionary inventions or exploring nature with notebook in hand. In life, there are times when we just gotta grind through our to-do list and skip marathon Netflix watching.

But the point I want to make is that procrastination is not always bad and should not always be avoided. Go to any career adviser for help finding a job and you will be get asked the following question:. Steve Jobs, for example, a year before he started Apple went off in India on a spiritual quest. He even considered becoming a monk. According to his authorized biography , Jobs only founded Apple because he was knowledgable about electronics, full of ideas, a great salesman, and happened to be in the right place at the right time to meet Steve Wozniak—a tech whizkid.

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The best way to find work that you are passionate about is to do work you are good at. I know that my strengths, for example, consist in lateral problem solving and creative thinking. Because you will starve to death otherwise. Bottling up our feelings, we are told, will make us repress parts of ourselves that will come out later in extremely destructive ways. Three-quarters of the people surveyed wrote a response, while the remaining quarter ignored the request. Over the next two years the Buffalo team regularly contacted everyone in the sample, screening them for signs of emotional distress and physical problems.

What they discovered ran counter to what we are conditioned to expect. Those who had not responded to the initial request to share their feelings actually did better than those who had written their emotions down, and in fact those who wrote the most also proved to be the most vulnerable to unwanted psychological and physical symptoms. For many temperaments, an excessive focus on introspection and self-disclosure is depressing. Victims of loss and tragedy differ widely in their reactions: Some benefit from therapeutic intervention; most do not and should not be coerced by mental health professional into emotionally correct responses.

Trauma and grief counselors have erred massively in this direction. Arlie Hochschild, a Professor of Sociology at Berkeley, claims that the spontaneity of our feelings is an illusion. But what about catharsis? James W. Most people listening to this podcast will hear catharsis and they will think that catharsis means blowing off steam or venting. Owning and acknowledging your feelings is an extremely important part of maintaining emotional health. Bullshit and lies are not always the exact opposite of truth. Sometimes if a truth is spoken with a malevolent intention, with an agenda, it can become a subtle lie that seems true, but is off the mark enough to be harmful.

How famous or rich you become is not. Instead, read as if you have a problem that needs solving. Apply the lessons contained in the books immediately in your life. It is better to read five self-improvement books that you internalize and act through in daily life, than to read a hundred that make you sound like you have your life together.

Spend a few minutes contemplating the annoyances or tragedies of life each day, but finish by acknowledging all of the great things you currently have.

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When you are procrastinating, think of it as a message from a higher power teaching you something about yourself and your path. First of all make enough money so you can sustain your life.

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Follow Jon Brooks on Facebook. I research and write about psychology, self-improvement, health, relationships — all to help you become everything that you can be. Have a comment?

Sign In or Create an Account. Interesting, in regards to the section on success you seem to confirm that much of it is luck of the draw. Once one has worked their ass off…etcc,etc and or focused on something to become good at, in many cases people still fail. We are much like the sperm trying to get the egg. At the age of 44, I have had innumerable jobs, most pretty shitty, and none did I feel I had any special talent for.

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Nonetheless they provided enough money to allow me to focus on something I wanted to do, music production. And like I said, I am now 44 years old.

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I will probably have to give it up in order to survive. Unfortunately work has dried up, and I might end up being homeless for awhile and the funny thing is, I almost welcome that possibility. It could be an enriching time for me. I find your openness and the go-with-it attitude inspiring! I guess most of all I just like to talk openheartedly with people.. Have you read something about that on your tour of personal development? Hey Casey. I agree with Peter. Your go with the flow attitude is inspiring. I would advise you to try and avoid homelessness at all costs though.

If you have money, you will be more effective at pursuing your passion. I just wanted to comment on how disappointing it is to see you dismantling the tools that other people have used for decades, successfully, in order to sell your site. What these other speakers know that you do not is that you should always be trying to help people and not taking away tools that can help them. What a bummer. Hey Jon, appreciate this article it was very well thought out and the principles were explained thoroughly!

It becomes an excuse to avoid challenging situations and taking risks. What is the alternative? How do you confirm whether or not their effort measured up to the desired results? The comment about certain principles from books having scientific evidence backing them could potentially be misguided. The last point I believe needs to be touched on us the entire section about negative visualization.

The only benefit I drew from these negative visualizations was a renewed sense of gratitude for what you have. In fact, if you start to reframe things in your mind to find the potential negative first, before turning it into a positive, it will start to color your perspective negatively. May not be able to tell from the above comments but I really enjoyed this article and derived a lot of benefit from it.

Perhaps you could share further? To me, fuck money, I want hapiness, love and purpose ;-. I agree with your take on also searching for things that could work for you outside mainstream science!

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This idea seems so obvious as to be common sense. If someone achieved success then of course they would be worth listening to, right? Well, actually… NO. Let me illustrate my point. To do this, I will use none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Think about it. Derren Brown in his incredible book Happy writes that these types of self-improvement tips: …are overwhelmingly the self-serving rationalizations of people who, upon becoming successful, now wish to feel that they have rightfully earned their status and the respect of others.

How many people did not follow this advice and still succeeded? Is there a hidden variable behind the success principles that may be at work? How many people do you know who have lost weight only to regain it all back? But if you do need to lose weight, there is hope. There is a thriving, passionate community of PUAs in the world. His response: No. Gary Vaynerchuck has redefined self-improvement to fit his own needs. Once again, the truth is be found in the opposite direction of this assumption.

Irvine elaborates: They recommended that we spend time imagining that we have lost the things we value—that our wife has left us, our car was stolen, or we lost our job. Loved This Articles Website Facebook. Discussion Have a comment? Chris 0 May 22, This really helped, thank you.