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And after a year-long court fight, a judge citing the Civil Rights Act ruled the Maryland Racing Commission had to certify her.

But in a cruel twist of fate, she was sidelined after being thrown from a horse who then rolled over her in a jumping competition at Madison Square Garden, suffering a fractured leg that required nine months of rehabilitation. The next year, with Penny Ann Early slotted to ride at Churchill Downs, male jockeys boycotted by backing out of the races. And early in , when Barbara Jo Rubin was to ride, jockeys in Florida threatened a boycott and hurled rocks at the trailer used for her dressing room; she was replaced by a male jockey so the race could go on. Finally, the Florida Racing Commission, tired of all the male drama over a woman riding, convened the end of January and voted to stiffen penalties against any jockey who refused to ride.

Crump fought her way through popping flashbulbs and jeering crowds to a small office — the only space available for a female to change. No matter. Black and white photos from the day of the race show a petite woman standing shoulder high to the security guards surrounding her as she approached the saddling area at Hialeah Park amid hecklers and a dubious crowd of 5, — almost all male — jostling for a look at the woman who just wanted to ride. Just over a year later, on May 2, , after 95 years and 1, all-male entrants, Diane Crump shattered tradition again by becoming the first woman to ride in the Kentucky Derby.

By , 10 women had won their races, proving they could do it. Which might not seem like such a big thing … unless you had your heart set on riding in the big one: the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. It was simply not done. Unheard of. But there WAS a gal in the Derby. None of us are disappointed. Twelve-year-old Mary was disabled at the age of four by the same virus that took the life of her mother.

A talented artist, she spends her days on a blanket in the grass sketching the horses at the farm next door. She falls in love with one of the foals and is outraged to learn the filly is considered worthless as it was born lame. Mary befriends and enlists the help of twelve-year-old Laura, whose family owns the horse farm. The girls conspire to raise money to save her, but time is running out.

Sadly, it appears the expensive surgery the foal needs has little chance to correct her problem anyway. Will she lose everything in her struggle to save the foal? In book seven of the Tales of Sasha series, Sasha, Wyatt, and Kimani travel to the royal island of flying horses! Sasha, Kimani, and Wyatt are flying to the island of royal flying horses where the King and Queen are waiting to meet Sasha!

Horse Girl: Fanny Jernström

The journey is going well until a powerful storm forces them to take shelter on a small island until the next morning. But the King and Queen have to leave the royal island in a few hours, and the trio is off course and without their map! Will Sasha find a way to get to the island before the King and Queen leave? Two girls divided by time, united by their love for some very special horses — an epic Caribbean adventure! Yet from that moment on the strongest connection grows between them, and she begins to uncover an incredible history. For centuries ago, Felipa and her horse, Cara Blanca, were running for their lives.

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Based on the extraordinary true story of the Abaco Barb, a real-life mystery that has remained unsolved for over five hundred years. Tales of Sasha 8: Showtime! Sasha has never planned a big party before, and there are so many details! Will she find a way to pull this party off? Tales of Sasha A Mystery Message - In book ten of the Tales of Sasha series, Sasha must solve a riddle to discover the contents of a special message!

But in order to open it, Sasha must first solve a riddle, which requires her to find the petals of rare and different colored flowers. Will Sasha be able to solve the puzzle to reveal what the mystery message is all about? Dream of Night - Untamable. Once full of promise and life, now a fiery knot of resentment and detachment. This is the story of Dream of Night, an injured and abused racehorse. And as the three of them become an unlikely family, they recognize their similarities in order to heal their pasts—but not before one last tragedy threatens to take everything away.

Can Sasha come up with a way to take Wyatt with her? Demon is getting used to his role as the official Beast Keeper to the gods on Mount Olympus. The gods are getting used to him, too—until Helios and Poseidon decide to involve him in a feud! The two gods are planning a race to see which of their steeds are the fastest.

In book nine of the Tales of Sasha series, Sasha has to figure out what to do when the recorded history of the flying horses disappears! The History Day celebration is coming up in Crystal Cove, and Sasha has to pick her favorite story to read aloud. But when she unrolls the magical fabrics with the flying horse history on them, she discovers that all the words have disappeared!

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Can Sasha figure out what happened and find a way to return the stories to the fabrics in time for the celebration? Enter a land of magical ponies in this chapter book series that features illustrations throughout and comes with a collectible charm!

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The enchanted island of Chevalia, where ponies rule, has finally had its magic restored, thanks to human Pippa and pony Princess Stardust. Her task complete, Pippa has returned to our world. Pippa rushes to Chevalia and teams up with her best friend, Princess Stardust, to track them down.

But when the search for the thief starts to make Stardust suspicious of her own friends and family, Pippa realizes that listening to and helping others might be more important than the missing decorations. Can the friends come together to return the true spirit to the holiday? She spoke softly and they followed. People noticed that she understood horses in a special way. With simple text and brilliant illustrations. Paul Goble tells how she eventually becomes one of them to forever run free.

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses - Fritz was not beautiful. But Fritz was dependable and hard-working. He proved to the citizens that there are things more important than being beautiful. Princess Ponies An Enchanted Heart - Enter a land of magical ponies in this chapter book series that features illustrations throughout and comes with a collectible charm! Troublemaker Divine has cast a spell, and the ponies of Chevalia have forgotten how to love and started fighting!

Together, Pippa and Stardust must search the forests, fields, and volcanoes of Chevalia for a way to break the curse. Anthea knows the truth about horses. Anthea has convinced the king of this, but at a cost—he demands that horses and riders with The Way do his bidding. But when a deadly plague breaks out, the people believe that horses are the cause.

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Continuing the sweeping storytelling of The Rose Legacy, bestselling author Jessica Day George delights readers—especially horse lovers—once again. Seen through his own eyes, young horse lovers will be swept up in his incredible journey from a peaceful paddock to the streets of London. Catherine patiently teaches the boy how to talk to a horse quietly, how to feed her carrots, how to lead her across a field, even how to blow at her softly to show that he likes her.

Facts about horses are sprinkled throughout to satisfy inquisitive readers. A futuristic adventure fantasy in which an orphaned girl is on a quest to find the last horses on Earth Serendipity lives inside a walled city. Before her mother died, she gave Seren an old figurine of a horse. If I had a horse, he might be shy, like me. I would have to tame him. I would have to be strong, like him. And he would have to be gentle, like me. And together, we could do anything. This sweeping, emotionally-resonant fantasy from beloved author Jessica Day George is perfect for fans of Princess Academy and Black Beauty.

When orphaned Anthea Cross-Thornley receives a letter from a long-lost uncle, she wonders if she will finally find a true home. But she is shocked to learn that her uncle secretly breeds horses—animals that have been forbidden in her kingdom for centuries. Confused and terrified, Anthea is desperate to leave, but when her family and kingdom are put at risk, can she embrace The Way and the exciting future it might bring her?

Otis wants to know about the kids who ride at his stables. Do they sleep in stalls? Do they also get brushed and braided? The older ponies ignore his questions, so Otis heads to the city to see for himself.