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How To Study the Bible for Beginners - 5 Tips for Beginners - Christian Vlogger

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How to Read (and Understand!) the Bible in 4 Simple Steps

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Related Websites. There is a great chasm of chronological, contextual and cultural distance between what the Bible meant for its original audience and how we might come to understand it today.

So one might ask: how might we bridge the historical, religious and linguistic gaps in order to understand the biblical text more fully? This reminds me of the time when Philip, the evangelist, conversed with an Ethiopian traveler who was returning from his visit to the temple in Jerusalem Acts After this, Philip jumped on the chariot and continued to explain what the passage said concerning the good news of Jesus Christ. We really cannot overestimate the value of sound instruction by qualified leaders. Although it is true the Spirit guides us into all truth John and His anointing teaches us 1 John , this does not mean human teachers are not needed.

Translations and Study Bibles

There is greater danger in learning in isolation. There is a reason why God has gifted the church with able leaders to equip believers for ministry Ephesians Fortunately, some of the best tools are free and located at your local church. God has equipped church leaders who have loving hearts to teach and answer your questions. At just about every local congregation you will find gifted teachers who love the Bible.

So take the initiative and join a weekly Bible study that will challenge you to search the Scriptures. Along with joining a Bible study, you need to invest in reference tools to guide your reading of Scripture. Reference books like a study Bible and a Bible dictionary will help you navigate through the ancient world of biblical times. If you are asking how to understand the Bible, the first step is to make sure you are a child of God! Because Jesus is the sinless Son of God, He fulfilled the law entirely and gave His life to pay a debt you or I could never pay.

When you believe that Jesus died and rose on the third day, and you ask Him to forgive you of your sins, you will be born again, and you will be saved.

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We see clearly in this passage of scripture Act 8 that the eunuch became a Christian when he professed his faith in Jesus. So, you have accepted Christ, purchased your study Bible, read through your passage, and are ready to dig deeper into the Bible. The first is this: always use the Bible to help interpret the Bible. Sometimes, a passage of Scripture will use symbolism and then will explain what that symbolism means.

In this instance, the Bible tells you what the seas represent — they represent multitudes of people. This can be used to further understand texts where great waters are used symbolically in biblical text. There are many places in the Bible where an interpretation does not immediately follow the symbolism as it does in the example given. When you cross-reference words or look for other passages where the same principle is found, you can often find its meaning. This is where having a good cross reference Bible comes in handy in understanding the Bible for beginners.

Another important principle is that you must read the Bible with a mustard seed faith.

4 Simple Language Principles That Will Improve Your Bible Study

Put simply, the Word of God is a seed that must be planted in faith. As you start a basic Bible study for beginners, or even an online Bible study for beginners, read and believe what you are taking in so that it may grow and bear fruit in your life.

Principle 2: The Bible Is Always Relevant

There is a basic principle that God will reveal more truth to those who make good of the truth He has already revealed to them. If you do this, let the Bible interpret itself, find someone to help you, and choose a translation that speaks to you, and take it slow, you will be well on your way to success in studying your Bible! I hope this post has been helpful in showing you how to understand the bible for beginners. BUT, in case you are still overwhelmed, I have posted many simple and effective Bible study methods on this blog and recommend finding ONE easy Bible study method that you enjoy.

All 7 of these Bible study methods are effective ways that will teach you how to study the Bible for yourself.